Can’t have more than 6 people around for your party, or event? Why not hire one of our fast warm up hot tubs and Celebrate with your immediate family instead?

Helsinki (Rapid Heat Up) Winter Inflatable Hot Tub/Spa/Jacuzzi Hire in Buckinghamshire,

 Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, & Northamptonshire  

We have the following dates free on a first come first served basis for Helsinki Hot Tubs, Please Contact Us By Text, Phone Or Email If You'd Like To Book.
Monday To Friday 19th to 23rd October
Thursday To Tuesday 22nd to 27th October
Monday To Friday 26th to 30th October
Thursday To Tuesday 29th October to 3rd November
Monday To Friday 2nd November to 6th November
Thursday To Tuesday 5th November to 10th November
Monday To Friday 9th November to 13th November
Thursday To Tuesday 12th November to 17th November
Monday To Friday 16th November to 20th November
Thursday To Tuesday 19th November to 24th November
Monday To Friday 23rd November to 27th November
Thursday To Tuesday 26th November to 1st December
Monday To Friday 30th November to 4th December
Thursday To Tuesday 3rd December to 8th December
Monday To Friday 7th December to 11th December
Thursday To Tuesday 10th December to 15th December
Monday To Friday 14th December to 18th December
Thursday To Tuesday 17th December to 22nd December


  • Anniversaries

  • Birthdays

  • Barbecues / Garden parties

  • Hen / stag nights

  • Children’s parties

  • Recovery from injuries

  • Valentines day

  • Christmas and New years eve

  • Exam results

  • Weddings

  • Holidays

During the colder months we recommend filling your hot tub with warm water to speed up heating up times, we can supply a mixer tap adaptor at an additional £10 if you do not have one.

 Helsinki (Rapid Heat Up) 

 September 2020 To March 2021 Prices

7 Seater Rapid Heating Winter Hot Tub

Monday To Friday Hire *£180

(Only available to hire during the colder months)  

Thursday To Tuesday Hire *£220

(Only available to hire during the colder months)   


Wednesday To Wednesday Hire *£280

(Only available to hire during the colder months)  

During the colder months we recommend filling your hot tub with warm water to speed up heating up times, we can supply a mixer tap adaptor at an additional £10 if you do not have one.

Our Helsinki hot tubs are suitable for up to 7 adults and can be used all year round. all our hot tubs heats to 40°C, but the time this takes will depend on the outside temp, Can be used outdoor or indoor use, comfortably fits up to 7 people depending on which hot tub you hire from us.

 Helsinki Lay-Z Massage Jet System & heating up to 40°C

1800 mm external diameter 760 mm deep (Helsinki)

Rapid Heating System

Outdoor Blue 16 amp, 240 volt, supplied plug & outdoor blue 16 amp extension lead

Add On packages


Gazebo with 3 side panels

1 x Champagne bucket and stand 

4 x Gazebo leg weights

Add the above for an extra £75 Per Hire

During the colder months we recommend filling your hot tub with warm water to speed up heating up times, we can supply a mixer tap adaptor at an additional £10 if you do not have one

When we deliver the hot tub it will be filled with water and chemicals and we will leave additional chemicals and instructions on how to maintain water quality throughout your hire. All hot tubs come pat tested to ensure your safety.


To Hire A Hot Tub From Us We Require 

  • Over the age of 18 and have the property owners permission

  • A Water point and hose pipe that reaches to desired location of the hot tub

  • A 240v (standard plug point) Electric point within 15 meters of the hot tub location

  • We must have side or rear access to the garden, with level ground a minimum of 3M width X 3M length x 3M height for the hot tub to sit on. we will not access the garden through your house.

  • We will only install the hot tub on level ground and you must have the appropiate drainage so we can drain it down properly when collecting after your hire .

  • All hot tubs are collected in the morning before 12 noon and deliveries will be in the afternoon after 12 noon (we will contact you the night before with approximate times).

  • No children are allowed to use the hot tub under the age of 14 years, (and must still be supervised under age of 18 years), if you do allow younger children this is at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for any accidents.


What you want to hire,

Dates required,

Drop off and pick up times,

Delivery address and post code,

A mobile phone number,

And a email address,

Our contact email address is

We will require a £20 deposit to secure your hot tub booking payable via BACS our account details are;

Sort Code:   07-08-06

Account Number:  17808904

Account Name: MR Sean Macdonald

The balance will be due in cash on delivery and set up on the day of hire.

Free delivery and set up for customers within 12 miles of Steeple Claydon

There is an additional £20 delivery charge for hot tub customers living outside our 12 mile delivery zone of Steeple Claydon

We normally collect finished hires in the morning and drop off new hot tub hires in the afternoon this is the only way we can guarantee getting around to evry customer.

We only deliver hot tubs to the following areas

Bouncy Castle Buckingham will deliver to the following Towns & villages around Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire;


Anyho, Aylesbury,Bicester,Brackley, Buckingham,Deddington, Gawcott, Kidlington, Quainton, Silverstone, Steeple Claydon, Waddesdon, Western On The Green, Winslow, Woodstock.

We also hire out bouncy castles in the following postcodes  around  Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire;

HP17, HP18, HP19, HP20, HP21, HP22, HP23, MK1, MK11, MK12, MK13, MK14, MK15, MK17, MK18, MK19, MK2, MK3, MK4, MK6, MK7, MK8, MK9, NN12, NN13, OX1, OX15, OX16, OX17, OX2, OX20, OX25, OX26, OX27, OX3, OX33, OX4, OX5, OX6,

Hot Tub & Bouncy Castle Buckingham will deliver to the following Towns & villages around Morray, & Aberdeenshire

We cover the following towns and villages, Kieth, Fife Keith, Newmill, Auchindachy, Huntly, Glass, Haugh Of Glass, Aultmore, Knock, Cobairdy, Drumfergue, Banff, Banff County, Banffshire, County Of Banff, Bridgend, Glen Barry, Bognie, Bogniebrae, Auchindown,Milltown Of Auchindown, Mulben, Slioch, Tillyminnate, Marnoch, Drumblade, Letterfourie, Drybridge, Deskford, Kirktown Of Deskford,Dufftown, Kirktown Of Mortlach, Mortlach, Cornhill, Pyke, Aberchirder, Clunie, Craigellachie, Fochabers, Largue, Kennethmont, Kirkhill Of Kennethmont, Easter Elchies, Elchies, Portgordon, Ardwell, Portessie, Fordyce, Rathven, Orbliston, Buckie, Rothes, Wells Of Ythan, Rhynie, Cushnie, Aberlour, Findochty, Portknockie, Ianstown, Cullen, Clatt, Kirktown Of Clatt, Cabrach, Mountblairy, Sandend, Achnastank, Kingston, Kingston Port, Carron, Urquhart, Culsalmond, Kirkton Of Culsalmond, Garmouth, Moray District, Moray, Colpy, Lhanbryde, Lhanbryd, Archieston, Archiestown, Clova, Portsoy, Boyndie, Gordonstown, Insch providing Hot Tub hire for adults and children Birthday Parties, Family Get Together/BBQ, Christening, Wedding, a School, Church, Village Fete or Community events.

We also hire out hot tubs & bouncy castles in the following postcodes  around  Morray & Aberdeenshire

We also hire out Hot Tubs in the following postcodes AB54 4TY,AB54 4UD,AB54 4TX,AB54 4TU,AB54 4UB,AB54 4UA,AB54 4UE,AB54 4TP,AB54 4TW,AB54 4TQ,AB54 4TT,AB54 4TN,AB54 4TZ,AB54 4TA,AB55 5PH,AB54 4TR,AB54 4TL,AB54 4TS,AB54 4ST,AB55 5PE,AB54 4SZ,AB55 5PD,AB54 4SS,AB54 4TH,AB54 4SY,AB55 5PA,AB54 4TJ,AB55 5PJ,AB55 5PB,AB55 5NT,AB54 4SR,AB54 4SG,AB54 4US,AB55 5PY,AB54 4UU,AB55 5NY,AB55 5PX,AB54 4TE,AB54 4XP,AB54 4UT,AB55 5NS,AB54 4TB,AB55 5JS,AB55 5LW,AB55 5LA,AB55 5NQ,AB54 4SQ,AB55 5JW,AB54 4SU,AB55 5PL,AB54 4XN,AB55 5JZ,AB55 5QA,AB55 5JU,AB55 5JG,AB55 5JY,AB55 5GU,AB55 5PN,AB55 6LJ,AB54 4TD,AB55 5NU,AB54 4XA,AB55 5NG,AB55 5HU,AB54 4SX,AB55 5NP,AB55 5HG,AB55 5HW,AB55 5GG,AB55 5NR,AB55 5HJ,AB55 5AJ,AB55 5AG,AB55 5HH,AB55 5GA,AB55 5HL,AB55 5AH,AB55 5AU,AB54 4UX,AB55 5AB,AB55 5HF,AB55 5BW,AB55 6SH,AB55 5FH,AB55 5NX,AB55 6SD,AB55 5AW,AB55 5QB,AB55 5EP,AB55 5FL,AB55 5AF,AB55 5FA,AB55 5AD,AB55 5HE,AB55 5EN,AB55 5FJ,AB55 5GW,AB54 4UR,AB54 7PD,AB55 5AE,AB55 5HZ,AB55 5AL,AB55 5PW,AB55 5AZ,AB55 5EZ,AB55 5EQ,AB55 5AN,AB55 5AA,AB55 5AT,AB55 5WU,AB55 5WY,AB55 4ZS,AB55 4ZX,AB55 5BB,AB55 5GE,AB55 5AY,AB55 5BG,AB55 5EY,AB55 5AQ,AB55 5BJ,AB55 5AP,AB55 5GQ,AB55 5ER,AB55 5HB,AB55 5AS,AB54 4XQ,AB55 5BL,AB55 5HD,AB55 5DH,AB55 6SE,AB55 5BE,AB55 5GS,AB55 5BA,AB55 5AX,AB55 5AR,AB55 5BP,AB54 4XT,AB55 6SB,AB55 5BQ,AB55 5DE,AB54 4XJ,AB55 5DL,AB55 6RY,AB55 5BN,AB55 5ES,AB55 5BF,AB55 5DN,AB55 5GJ,AB55 5HP,AB55 5FF,AB55 5DJ,AB54 7PB,AB55 5HA,AB55 5FR,AB55 5BR,AB55 5HX,AB55 5GL,AB54 7JR,AB55 5TF,AB55 5HS,AB54 4XS,AB54 4SP,AB55 5GT,AB55 5ET,AB55 5DP,AB55 6LE,AB55 5FT,AB55 6LH,AB55 5FN,AB55 5FY,AB55 6RX,AB55 5DQ,AB55 5GP,AB55 5FG,AB54 4XH,AB55 5FP,AB55 5DA,AB55 5HT,AB55 5FE,AB55 5FW,AB55 5FD,AB55 6SN,AB55 5EX,AB54 4XE,AB54 4SN,AB55 5FB,AB54 7JQ,AB55 5EF,AB55 5PP,AB55 5DW,AB55 5EL,AB55 6LL,AB55 5EG,AB55 5FX,AB55 5LG,AB55 5BY,AB55 5EE,AB54 4SJ,AB55 5DU,AB55 5PT,AB55 5BS,AB55 5BZ,AB55 5DZ,AB55 5GX,AB55 5DY,AB54 4SL,AB55 5FU,AB55 5FS,AB55 5BH,AB55 5DS,AB55 5QD,AB55 5EH,AB55 5DX,AB55 5HY,AB54 4UQ,AB55 5FQ,AB55 5BU,AB55 5DR,AB55 5EB,AB55 5EU,AB54 4XF,AB55 5GF,AB55 5DT,AB55 5EW,AB55 5JT,AB55 5EA,AB55 5DF,AB54 4UN,AB55 5BX,AB55 5QH,AB54 7JP,AB55 6SA,AB55 5DG,AB54 4UP,AB55 5GH,AB55 5GD,AB55 5BT,AB55 6SL,AB55 6SJ,AB55 5ED,AB55 5GB,AB55 5ZZ,AB55 6SP,AB55 5DD,AB54 7YY,AB55 5PQ,AB54 4XR,AB55 5HN,AB54 4WW,AB54 4YA,AB54 4WX,AB55 6LN,AB54 4WU,AB55 5QE,AB54 7JX,AB55 5JA,AB54 4QT,AB55 5QJ,AB54 7PA,AB55 6SQ,AB55 6LA,AB55 6JY,AB55 6RU,AB54 4SF,AB54 8TS,AB54 7LW,AB55 6LB,AB54 4XY,AB54 8EN,AB55 6TW,AB55 6US,AB55 6SR,AB54 8UZ,AB54 4UL,AB55 6TU,AB54 8EP,AB55 6TZ,AB54 7YX,AB55 6UZ,AB55 6NZ,AB54 8GD,AB54 4XX,AB55 6TT,AB55 6LD,AB55 6UR,AB55 6SS,AB55 6TS,AB54 7NW,AB55 6AA,AB55 6NS,AB54 8PF,AB55 6NX,AB55 5PU,AB55 6QN,AB55 6NU,AB55 6NY,AB54 7LU,AB55 6NF,AB55 6UW,AB55 6LP,AB55 6NT,AB54 8RF,AB55 6UF,AB55 5JB,AB55 6UA,AB54 8PG,AB55 6UT,AB54 8UH,AB54 7PE,AB54 8RG,AB55 6TX,AB54 4UJ,AB55 6TY,AB55 6NR,AB54 8RW,AB54 4QU,AB54 4XB,AB54 8DU,AB54 8PZ,AB54 8DW,AB54 8LF,AB54 8PW,AB55 6RT,AB54 8SX,AB54 4UY,AB55 5PS,AB54 8DB,AB54 8DN,AB54 8LE,AB54 8HR,AB54 8LG,AB54 8JZ,AB55 6RS,AB54 8NW,AB54 8EE,AB54 4XD,AB54 8DJ,AB54 4YB,AB54 4SH,AB54 8HQ,AB54 8DD,AB54 7NG,AB54 4SE,AB54 8DZ,AB55 6QP,AB54 8LH,AB54 8EF,AB55 6QL,AB55 5JN,AB54 8JA,AB54 8DH,AB54 8DG,AB54 8FP,AB54 8BZ,AB54 8BS,AB54 8JX,AB54 8FE,AB54 8DF,AB54 4PS,AB54 8HP,AB54 8DY,AB54 4SW,AB54 8HN,AB54 4YD,AB55 6LY,AB54 8BT,AB54 8DA,AB54 4YU,AB54 8BX,AB54 8EG,AB54 8BY,AB54 8HL,AB54 8FR,AB54 8DE,AB55 6UU,AB55 5PR,AB54 8DS,AB54 8FX,AB54 8JR,AB54 8BP,AB54 8AF,AB54 8JY,AB55 6SX,AB54 8HD,AB54 8HJ,AB54 8AJ,AB54 8AL,AB54 7NH,AB54 8BR,AB54 8EQ,AB54 9AF,AB54 8AA,AB54 9AD,AB54 8AE,AB54 8FG,AB55 6QQ,AB54 8AN,AB55 6TP,AB54 8ES,AB54 8DL,AB54 7PH,AB54 8FJ,AB54 8HZ,AB54 8BN,AB54 8JU,AB54 8JW,AB55 5JL,AB54 8FN,AB54 8HB,AB54 7JT,AB54 8AP,AB54 8DQ,AB54 8JE,AB54 8SE,AB54 8FH,AB54 8FD,AB54 7LG,AB54 7LT,AB54 8HA,AB54 8AR,AB54 8EX,AB54 8DT,AB54 8ET,AB54 7XU,AB54 8EU,AB54 8SD,AB54 8AQ,AB54 8HY,AB54 8JG,AB54 8DR,AB54 8AU,AB54 8EW,AB54 8FB,AB54 8AT,AB55 6LR,AB54 8ER,AB54 7LE,AB54 8AG,AB54 8JH,AB55 6XH,AB54 8BF,AB54 8AW,AB54 8AY,AB54 4YE,AB54 8FA,AB54 8JF,AB54 8HU,AB54 8FF,AB54 8BB,AB54 8BG,AB54 7LF,AB55 6ST,AB54 8BA,AB54 8DX,AB54 8BE,AB54 8AH,AB55 6LQ,AB54 7LA,AB54 7NF,AB54 7JS,AB54 8EY,AB54 8AX,AB54 7LX,AB54 8EL,AB54 8BL,AB54 7NE,AB54 8BH,AB55 5JD,AB54 8NZ,AB54 8EZ,AB55 5JF,AB54 8AZ,AB54 8HW,AB54 8BD,AB54 8ED,AB54 8HE,AB54 8FQ,AB54 8BJ,AB54 8AB,AB54 7YU,AB54 8HH,AB55 6QR,AB54 8BU,AB54 8AS,AB54 8HT,AB54 8EJ,AB54 8FL,AB54 8HG,AB55 6RR,AB54 8BW,AB54 8EB,AB54 8HF,AB55 6SU,AB54 8HS,AB54 4PT,AB55 6UB,AB54 4QX,AB54 6JJ,AB54 4QY,AB54 7ND,AB54 6HY,AB54 7YS,AB55 6YR,AB54 4YH,AB55 6UX,AB55 6QS,AB55 6LS,AB55 6LW,AB55 6AE,AB55 6AF,AB55 6LX,AB55 6UQ,AB55 6YS,AB54 6JE,AB54 4AD,AB54 7LP,AB55 5JE,AB54 6HX,AB54 6JA,AB55 6NA,AB54 7XX,AB55 6LU,AB54 7NA,AB55 6YT,AB54 6JN,AB54 7NB,AB55 6YU,AB54 7YT,AB55 6AB,AB55 5JH,AB54 7XY,AB54 6JB,AB54 7LB,AB55 6QT,AB54 7XT,AB55 5JJ,AB55 6UP,AB54 4YJ,AB54 7NJ,AB54 7NY,AB55 6XE,AB55 6NB,AB54 4EX,AB54 6JD,AB55 6UY,AB54 4YX,AB55 5JP,AB54 6XL,AB55 6RQ,AB55 6QX,AB54 4RY,AB55 6UD,AB55 6SY,AB54 4RA,AB55 6LT,AB55 6QU,AB54 7YE,AB54 7YR,AB55 6QY,AB55 6XD,AB54 6XQ,AB55 6YX,AB55 4EE,AB54 7LN,AB55 6TB,AB54 7YA,AB54 4SB,AB55 6YL,AB55 6ND,AB54 4PU,AB55 6RP,AB55 6TJ,AB55 6UE,AB55 5JQ,AB54 4SA,AB55 6TL,AB55 6YN,AB54 4RD,AB54 7NU,AB54 7NX,AB55 5JX,AB55 6UL,AB54 7LJ,AB55 6NE,AB55 6NJ,AB55 6UN,AB54 7LL,AB54 4YL,AB54 4RX,AB54 4HA,AB54 6XS,AB55 6TA,AB55 6TH,AB54 6XR,AB55 6XB,AB55 4ED,AB55 6NN,AB54 4PX,AB54 7YD,AB54 6XN,AB54 7NR,AB55 6RN,AB54 7NL,AB55 6YQ,AB54 4RB,AB54 7LD,AB54 7YB,AB55 6XA,AB55 6TE,AB54 7NT,AB54 4RU,AB55 6YP,AB55 5JR,AB54 4AA,AB55 6RA,AB54 7YH,AB55 6TN,AB54 6XP,AB54 4SD,AB54 7LQ,AB54 4YP,AB55 6UH,AB54 7UL,AB54 6BL,AB54 4PW,AB55 6TD,AB55 6NH,AB54 7NQ,AB54 7LR,AB55 4DZ,AB54 7YJ,AB55 6RL,AB54 6YN,AB54 4RS,AB55 6YJ,AB54 7NN,AB54 4RH,AB55 6YA,AB55 6NL,AB55 6YD,AB54 7NP,AB54 6AD,AB55 6UJ,AB54 7US,AB54 4RT,AB54 4RR,AB54 6EH,AB54 7YL,AB54 4RL,AB54 7LZ,AB55 6YB,AB55 6YE,AB55 6XL,AB54 6YP,AB54 6YQ,AB54 7LS,AB54 7NS,AB55 4DY,AB54 6EJ,AB55 6XJ,AB54 6BW,AB55 4EB,AB54 4RN,AB54 6BN,AB54 4RJ,AB55 6RB,AB54 7LY,AB55 6YH,AB45 2HL,AB55 6XN,AB55 6RJ,AB38 9RN,AB54 4PY,AB55 6RE,AB54 6BU,AB54 6BP,AB54 7RR,AB55 6XQ,AB54 6BG,AB54 6BF,AB54 6EQ,AB54 7UT,AB54 7UX,AB54 6DT,AB54 6EN,AB54 6ER,AB55 4EA,AB55 4JU,AB55 6XR,AB56 5UQ,AB54 4RQ,AB54 6BQ,AB54 6YR,AB55 6XY,AB55 6XP,AB54 7QX,AB54 7XJ,AB54 7UJ,AB55 6XW,AB54 6BR,AB54 6EW,AB54 6EU,AB54 7RS,AB45 2HJ,AB54 6DY,AB54 4EY,AB54 7XH,AB54 4QB,AB54 7UU,AB55 6RD,AB54 6DZ,AB54 6AJ,AB54 7QY,AB45 2BX,AB54 4RP,AB54 7RQ,AB55 4DN,AB55 6XT,AB54 6DR,AB55 6RH,AB54 7RW,AB54 4QD,AB54 7RA,AB54 6AL,AB54 6DS,AB54 7RP,AB45 2HD,AB45 2HP,AB54 6BS,AB54 7UR,AB54 7UH,AB54 7UQ,AB54 6BZ,AB56 5UR,AB54 4QS,AB54 4EZ,AB45 2HN,AB55 4JT,AB54 7UP,AB54 7QU,AB56 5EX,AB54 7UN,AB54 6EP,AB56 5UP,AB56 5UN,AB54 6BY,AB38 9RL,AB45 2HQ,AB55 4JS,AB55 4DQ,AB54 7UE,AB54 4QA,AB45 2BT,AB54 7UD,AB54 6ES,AB45 2HB,AB55 6XU,AB55 4DL,AB45 2DB,AB54 7RN,AB54 4EP,AB38 9RP,AB54 7UZ,AB54 6AG,AB54 6BT,AB54 4QF,AB55 4EN,AB54 6DQ,AB54 6EF,AB54 6DA,AB45 2DA,AB56 5US,AB55 4EW,AB38 9RD,AB55 6XS,AB54 7QT,AB54 6AN,AB54 4QE,AB55 4DJ,AB54 6DW,AB45 2HR,AB56 5YN,AB55 4DP,AB54 7RL,AB55 4DW,AB55 4EP,AB55 4BP,AB45 2HA,AB56 5UL,AB38 9RB,AB38 9RA,AB45 2EX,AB55 4EJ,AB54 7UY,AB45 2XD,AB54 7RB,AB54 6AH,AB55 4AQ,AB45 2XJ,AB55 4DU,AB55 4BG,AB55 4FH,AB55 4DH,AB54 6DU,AB54 6ET,AB54 7XE,AB54 7RH,AB55 4GH,AB54 7RJ,AB54 6BJ,AB55 4EF,AB55 4DG,AB54 7RT,AB56 5ET,AB55 4BB,AB54 6AE,AB55 4AZ,AB55 4AT,AB55 4BD,AB55 4FJ,AB54 6BX,AB54 6EA,AB54 4QH,AB55 4AP,AB55 4BQ,AB56 5JU,AB55 4BH,AB55 4BE,AB54 4EQ,AB55 4EH,AB56 5JY,AB45 2DD,AB56 5EU,AB55 4AX,AB55 4AY,AB55 4BF,AB55 4ES,AB55 4BA,AB55 4AN,AB54 6ED,AB56 5UH,AB55 4AL,AB55 4DR,AB54 7PL,AB55 4AS,AB55 4FS,AB56 5JR,AB54 7RX,AB55 4FD,AB55 4AB,AB55 4AR,AB54 6DP,AB55 4AD,AB54 7RD,AB45 2HS,AB55 4AJ,AB55 4AA,AB55 4ET,AB55 4FR,AB56 5UT,AB55 4AE,AB55 4BJ,AB55 4AU,AB56 5YE,AB55 4FB,AB55 4AW,AB54 6AP,AB55 4EG,AB54 6DN,AB55 4AH,AB45 2XB,AB55 4BL,AB45 2HT,AB55 4EL,AB45 2BR,AB45 2JB,AB54 7QS,AB55 4BR,AB55 4FG,AB55 4AG,AB54 7XA,AB54 7RE,AB55 4ER,AB54 6HW,AB55 4EX,AB56 5HX,AB54 6DB,AB55 4DF,AB54 7RU,AB45 2DL,AB56 5YA,AB54 7XD,AB55 4DS,AB54 6EB,IV32 7QG,AB38 9RJ,AB55 4AF,AB56 5UX,IV32 7QQ,AB55 4DX,AB45 2ET,AB56 5YF,AB56 5ES,AB54 7QR,AB54 6HU,AB54 4QR,AB54 7RY,AB54 7UB,AB54 6EX,AB56 5JQ,AB54 6DD,AB54 7SA,AB54 7QP,AB54 6HN,AB54 4QJ,AB56 5JD,AB56 5JE,AB56 5YD,AB54 7QQ,AB54 4ES,AB55 4EQ,AB55 4BN,AB56 5UD,AB45 2XL,AB38 9QX,AB54 7PP,AB45 2BQ,AB56 5LB,AB56 5YB,AB56 5YJ,AB54 7PN,AB45 2DJ,AB54 6DL,AB56 5ER,AB54 7XB,AB54 6AQ,AB56 5TT,AB54 6HH,AB56 5EY,AB54 7QN,AB56 5HT,AB54 7RZ,AB45 2JA,AB54 6DH,AB56 5YL,AB56 5JH,AB53 4GS,AB54 4NJ,AB54 6EE,AB56 5YR,AB54 6HG,AB54 7PR,AB54 4EH,AB56 5AN,AB56 5JB,AB54 4EW,AB56 5EQ,AB55 4BS,AB56 5DR,AB54 7SB,AB56 5UA,AB56 5JN,AB54 4EU,AB45 2XN,AB45 2XP,AB54 6HJ,AB45 2HX,AB56 5YS,AB54 7PQ,AB56 5TX,AB53 4GQ,AB56 5HD,AB38 9QR,AB54 6DE,AB45 2AX,AB54 4HG,AB56 5HS,AB56 5HB,AB56 5TS,AB45 2XQ,AB54 6HP,AB45 2DN,AB54 4QQ,AB56 5LD,AB54 4QL,AB54 7SE,AB54 6DG,AB55 4BT,AB54 7SD,AB56 5UB,AB54 7QG,AB38 9QT,AB56 5EP,AB54 7SZ,AB54 7SR,AB45 2XA,AB54 6HD,AB54 7SH,IV32 7PG,IV32 7ET,AB54 7SY,AB54 7SX,AB56 5YT,AB54 7SU,AB38 9AD,AB54 7SW,AB54 7AB,AB54 7ST,AB54 7AA,AB45 2AY,IV32 7HA,AB54 4EJ,AB54 7XR,AB54 7TH,AB56 5YU,AB56 5JP,AB53 4GP,AB56 5HR,AB54 7QF,AB54 6AR,AB38 9RR,IV32 7RQ,AB54 7TA,AB56 5HN,AB38 9QQ,AB45 2BP,AB45 2ES,AB56 5JL,IV32 7HS,AB54 6EZ,AB54 6EY,AB54 7TP,IV32 7HP,IV32 7PF,AB56 5LE,AB54 7TE,AB54 6AS,IV32 7QF,AB54 6DJ,IV32 7EL,IV32 7HR,IV32 7PE,AB45 2EH,AB45 2BA,IV32 7HT,IV32 7JZ,AB56 5AL,IV32 7EU,AB54 7SQ,AB54 7TB,AB56 5XX,IV32 7EA,IV32 7EY,AB54 4HH,IV32 7EZ,IV32 7ES,AB56 5YX,AB54 6JQ,AB54 4NQ,AB54 4EL,IV32 7LA,AB45 2EU,AB54 7SG,AB54 7TW,AB54 7TS,AB54 4QP,AB38 9RS,AB54 6HQ,AB54 4HN,AB38 9RQ,AB54 7TD,AB38 9TE,AB38 9TD,AB38 9TA,IV32 7HB,AB45 2BB,AB54 7TT,AB38 9TH,IV32 7ER,AB45 2US,AB38 9TG,AB54 4LH,AB38 9TF,AB54 7SP,AB38 9SX,AB55 4BU,AB56 5HP,AB56 5TR,AB53 4GN,IV32 7HE,AB45 2AU,AB56 5HE,AB53 4GT,AB54 7SF,AB54 7TL,AB54 7TZ,AB54 7TQ,IV32 7EP,AB38 9SW,AB45 2BW,AB54 4QN,AB38 9TB,IV32 7QE,IV32 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Bicester Bouncy Castle  & Hot Tub Hire - hire of bouncy castles, inflatables slides for children's and adults' party games throughout the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire Milton Keynes & Northamptonshire

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Highland Hot Tub & Bouncy Castle Hire - hire of hot tubs & bouncy castles, inflatables slides for children's party games throughout Aberdeenshire & Moray

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From our premises in Knock, Aberdeenshire we provide our hot tubs &  bouncy castles, inflatables, toys and games hire throughout  Kieth, Fife Keith, Newmill, Auchindachy, Huntly, Glass, Haugh Of Glass, Aultmore, Knock, Cobairdy, Drumfergue, Banff, Banff County, Banffshire, County Of Banff, Bridgend, Glen Barry, Bognie, Bogniebrae, Auchindown,Milltown Of Auchindown, Mulben, Slioch, Tillyminnate, Marnoch, Drumblade, Letterfourie, Drybridge, Deskford, Kirktown Of Deskford,Dufftown, Kirktown Of Mortlach, Mortlach, Cornhill, Pyke, Aberchirder, Clunie, Craigellachie, Fochabers, Largue, Kennethmont, Kirkhill Of Kennethmont, Easter Elchies, Elchies, Portgordon, Ardwell, Portessie, Fordyce, Rathven, Orbliston, Buckie, Rothes, Wells Of Ythan, Rhynie, Cushnie, Aberlour, Findochty, Portknockie, Ianstown, Cullen, Clatt, Kirktown Of Clatt, Cabrach, Mountblairy, Sandend, Achnastank, Kingston, Kingston Port, Carron, Urquhart, Culsalmond, Kirkton Of Culsalmond, Garmouth, Moray District, Moray, Colpy, Lhanbryde, Lhanbryd, Archieston, Archiestown, Clova, Portsoy, BoyndieGordonstown, Insch

We also deliver bouncy castles  for hire to the following postcodes AB38, AB45, AB51, AB52,  AB53,  AB54, AB55,  AB56,  IV32

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BIHA Membership Number SM120416

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